-Deface Script Demo-

hey admin! you security is suck! contact us if u want it back! ← click here
Hacked by: Pengembara Timur TD
Hey admin! Pengembara Timur here! your security is low 0.001%

Dont wory Admin!, This is just Security test! contact us if you want return as usual!
we inject the code, we spam the virus, we break the password, we damaged your system, we violating your network
but dont hate us! hate the code! MUSLIM IS NOT A TERRORIST!,
.we hack because we care!,
we love, we are 1 malaysia,
We Reminder your about the security,
Make this as a lesson and experience.
Contact us for get back your old cooding!,
-=[We do not pride themselves]=- -=[We Are Ordinary People]=- -=[We bring peace]=-
Pengembara Timur


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